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There is a wide range of funding sources available for projects including UK Government, the European Union, charitable trusts and the national lottery. Eligibility for funding will depend on the nature of your organisation/group, activities that you are engaged in and the type and scale of the proposed project.

Charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations can search for themselves through the hundreds of Government, Lottery, charitable and other funds available on a European, national, regional and local basis.

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South Ayrshire Charitable Trust

The South Ayrshire Charitable Trust has been set up to assist and improve the lives of South Ayrshire residents who are in need because of poverty, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

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Hadyard Hill Communities : Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund (HHCBF)

The company was established in 2006 to administer the community benefit funds available from a wind farm development in South Ayrshire.
The Benefit Fund provides finance to support community projects within the three community council areas that the Hadyard Hill Wind farm covers.
The company is limited by guarantee, run by representative directors from the community council areas of Barr, Dailly, Pinmore and Pinwherry. It is also a partnership with Scottish and Southern Energy, the wind farm owners, and South Ayrshire Council.

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Hadyard Hill announces new secretariat

The Board of Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund has appointed Foundation Scotland to administer funds it receives from the SSE Hadyard Hill wind farm for the benefit of the Barr, Dailly, Pinmore and Pinwherry communities.
Since 2006, Ailsa Horizons, a local social enterprise and charity, has provided secretariat services to the Hadyard Hill Board of Directors. But administration arrangements are now changing and Hadyard Hill will be run with support from Foundation Scotland.
Foundation Scotland is an independent grant making charity that distributes funds for community groups across Scotland. It has particular expertise in working with developers, communities and other local organisations to design and distribute community funds from wind farms.

Helena Menhinick, Hadyard Hill Chair said: “On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Ailsa Horizons for their work over the years, and wish them well in their future projects. We are now looking forward to working with Foundation Scotland and benefitting from their extensive experience in grant making to ensure that these funds continue to achieve real impact and legacy in our communities.”

Ciara Wilson, SSE Community Fund Manager said: “SSE has worked with Foundation Scotland to deliver a number of wind farm community funds across the country. Their expertise in this field will be a great asset to the Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund going forward.”

Cara Gillespie, Community Engagement Manager for South Scotland, Foundation Scotland commented, “We are looking forward to working with the Hadyard Hill Directors to ensure the fund continues to have lasting impact for the communities.

The Fund is currently closed to new applications whilst Foundation Scotland and the Directors review Hadyard Hill’s application, assessment and reporting processes. Any changes will be announced in the local press in advance of the Fund reopening in January 2016.

Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund (HHCBF): Funding Criteria

All projects must comply with the broad aims that HHCBF have agreed upon: –
reducing poverty and disadvantage
improving the health of residents
promoting care and support of vulnerable people
improving community safety
ensuring easy access to employment opportunities
achieving parity with national educational attainment levels
promoting a wide range of recreational, sporting and cultural activities
improving rural transport opportunities
improving rural business opportunities
promoting environmental awareness and energy efficiency measures
building the capacity of community groups to learn skills and develop experience with a view to them becoming sustainable organisations
using the fund to match / balance other funding bodies for projects that otherwise meet the broad criteria.
There is no ceiling on the allocation of funds but where larger projects are put forward, applicants may be required to produce a business plan and other supporting documents.
All projects should be innovative and demonstrate widespread benefits to the communities.
Smaller awards can be made through a simplified process through the individual community councils within the Hadyard Hill area.
More information regarding Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund can be found on their website, along with application forms and successful project information.

Voluntary Action Funding

The fund aims to identify and promote practice that works in reducing employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers in the workplace.

Scottish businesses are being urged to apply to the Fund, along with third sector organisations. Eligible organisations can apply for up to £50,000 to carry out activities over an 8-month period that will help to improve diversity in the workplace.

The funding will support employers in reducing employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers particularly across the arts, culture, leisure, tourism, finance, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and fishing, transport and communication and STEM sectors.

There are many economic benefits to having a diverse workforce. Organisations are better placed to understand the needs of a wide range of customers if their workforce represents the population. A diverse workforce will also help to encourage creativity and foster innovation. Organisations won’t grow if everyone employed there thinks and behaves the same way. Of course, a positive reputation will make companies more attractive to job seekers and customers.

We have successfully funded nine projects in the first round. The funding will be used to:

·       provide leadership training and support to women in the financial and technology industry

·       support family friendly working practices in several private organisations

·       improve mental health understanding and support across several industry sectors

·       assist women to return to professional roles in the finance sector

·       improve diversity and inclusion in construction

·       improve intergenerational working in the construction and STEM sectors.

Please visit our website to read more about the funded projects.

Small Grants (up to £500)

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