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Clydesdales and Dailly

December 23, 2020by DaillyParishCommunity News

Clydesdales and Dailly

For those of you keen on Horses (particularly Big Horses) and the Local Countryside, and want to see Dailly looking beautiful on the big screen – here is an opportunity.

Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse—produced by BBC Scotland in partnership the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and supported by Screen Scotland—will have its UK premiere on BBC Scotland on Wednesday 30 December on BBC Scotland at 19:30. For the following 30 days it will be available across the UK on BBC iPlayer. 

Let them know what you think of the film by tweeting at @saveclydesdales@gravenhq and using the hashtag #SaveTheClydesdale

The Clydesdale Horse is now classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust @RBSTrarebreeds

‘Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse’ follows one woman’s mission to find out more about this amazing breed and how she plans to help conserve it @BBCScotland and #SaveTheClydesdale

Windfarm Consultation

December 21, 2020by DaillyParishCommunity News

Windfarm Consultation

Thank you everyone for taking the time to complete and return the consultation forms regarding Windfarms in our area.
We sent out about 585, either hand-delivered or by post.
We received 53 returns. Not everyone answered every section, but the results are as follows:

Craiginmoddie (basically Hadyard Hill extension): For – 8, Against – 41, Don’t Know – 3

For the other 3 – Clauchrie, Carrick and Knockodhar, the average is: For – 8, Against – 38, Don’t know – 4

For all future Windfarms: For – 7, Against – 28, Don’t know – 6.

There were a variety of comments under against, this is just a selection:
Too many already in the area, too big, too noisy, impact on wildlife and landscape, industrialisation of landscape, will be like living in the middle of one huge windfarm, we have our fair share already, production and installation of windmills far outweigh any benefits, do not create local employment, over development and not compatible with the Biosphere status, do not reduce the cost of electricity.

There were also comments for, this is just a selection:
Provides money to local area/employs local people, the future of cars/vehicles is electricity, windfarms play an important role in the future of renewable in Scotland.

Dailly Community Council, as a result of this consultation, will object to Windfarms, particularly Carrick and Craiginmoddie as they are the closest to the village, when they come up for consultation.If anyone is interested, they are able to comment individually on any of the Windfarm consultations, whether for or against.
Please ask if you need further information regarding any upcoming Windfarm Consultations.
Dailly CC

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