Common Good Consultation – Consultation Summary

August 5, 2019by DaillyParishCommunity News

Common Good Consultation – Consultation Summary

Notice of Consultation under Section 104 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 and Section 24 (2A) of the Town and County Planning (Scotland) Act 1959.

Reason for Site Notice Being Displayed: Consultation on proposed change of use of common good land (Asset reference L405).

Proposed Appropriation of Land at: Victory Park, Girvan, K26 9DQ

Notice is hereby given of a PUBLIC CONSULTATION

In terms of Section 104 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 local authorities are required to consult with the local community when planning to dispose of common good property, or change its use. South Ayrshire Council does NOT intend to dispose of common good property at Victory Park, Girvan. The Council is proposing the change of use of a specific section of said park, to provide a 3G artificial pitch suitable for rugby and football with the pitch complying fully with the requirements of World Rugby and FIFA. The works include; pitch construction, minor earthworks, drainage, fencing, floodlighting, footpath construction and landscaping. The carpet size is 116m x 73m and will comply with World Rugby Regulation 22 and FIFA Quality requirements. The proposal is to retain said section of the park within the Common Good for all time forthcoming.

South Ayrshire Council has approved a sum of £850,000 through the Capital Investment Programme for 2019/20 for the creation of an all-weather pitch in Girvan. An initial public consultation took place in Girvan Academy on 1st November 2018, to hear views on the need for a pitch, possible locations for a pitch and the best use to which a pitch could put. Seven locations were identified of which Victory Park was the most popular. The preferred location within Victory Park was also identified. Please download or see map below.

Description of Consultation process:

The Council invites responses to this consultation to be made online or in writing or by email by 06 September 2019. Thereafter, the Council will consider the responses, and publish on its website the Council’s response within eight weeks. Please note that all responses to the consultation will be published alongside the decision. If the Council’s decision is to proceed with the proposed appropriation of common good land, a petition will be lodged in the Sheriff Court at Ayr, seeking the court’s authority for the appropriation. Notification of the lodging of any such petition will be published in local newspapers and intimated to community councils in North and South Carrick including the date when the case will call in court. Any groups or individuals who wish to oppose the petition can attend court on that date to have their opposition noted. A further date, for an evidential hearing, will be assigned by the court. If the petition is granted any subsequent planning applications will then be considered by the Council and the Council will then seek tenders for the construction of the proposed all-weather pitch.

Details of the proposal may also be examined at the offices of Council at:

Newton House
Professional Design Services
30 Green Street Lane

Monday – Thursday 8.45am – 4.45pm
Friday 8.45am – 4.00pm

You can download the comments form and submit by by email to or in writing to the above address by 06 September 2019.

Copies of the Comments Sheet can also be requested at Council offices in Girvan or by email from

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